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CiMaas files for bankruptcy, aims for restart

To our greatest regret CiMaas has filed for bankruptcy, which became effective Tuesday June 11, 2024. Although CiMaas has great assets in the field of NK cell immunotherapy for cancer using its proprietary feeder cell technology and expansion methodology, it was unable to raise enough financial resources to perform the required clinical studies. 

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EU grants Seal of Excellence to CiMaas

Recently 1085 companies were invited to submit a full proposal - based on a first screening - to apply for an EIC accelerator grant. Of them only 42 were granted (3,8%). A seal of excellence was given to 193 (17,8%), including CiMaas. CiMaas received another opportunity to defend its proposal for the EIC council in Mid June 2024.

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CiMaas improved large scale NK cell expansion using its newly developed feeder cell technology

Upon rigorous analysis, our research has demonstrated that this innovative feeder cell approach results in an enhanced proliferation rate for NK cells compared to the traditional method employing irradiated feeder cells. Remarkably, within a mere week, a 100-fold expansion rate is already achieved, with the potential for ongoing expansion. After 12 days we reach 19 billion cells in a 5L bioreactor.

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Combotope Therapeutics and CiMaas Announce Oncology Research and License Option Agreement

Collaboration for the discovery and development of innovative cancer-specific CAR-NK products is underway, leveraging Combotope Therapeutics' proprietary Tumor Glycoform specific scFv discovery platform and CiMaas's Adoptive CAR-NK technology.

  • CiMaas has the option to develop and commercialize up to three therapeutic candidates.
  • Combotope Therapeutics will receive upfront payment, success fees, and royalties on sales.
  • First candidate Mucin-1 tumor glycoform nominated.
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CiMaas has created a master cell and working cell bank of its feeder cell line to expand NK cells with maximum proliferation

CiMaas BV announces that it has created a GMP grade master cell bank of the F012 feeder cell line to support Natural Killer (NK) cell expansion isolated from peripheral blood cells. CiMaas had generated a feeder cell line containing two genes that induce NK cell proliferation and maturation resulting in NK cells with a memory phenotype and high killing capacity.

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CiMaas receives a LIOF grant to optimize feeder cells preparation facilitating expansion of Natural Killer cells 

CiMaas’ leading product to fight cancer is Natural Killer (NK) cells. These cells kill tumor cells directly as has been observed in pre-clinical studies, as well as in clinical studies (patients with myeloid leukemia). To obtain a large number of these NK cells to treat patients, so-called feeder cells are needed to stimulate the proliferation and activation of NK cells.

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CiMaas to present at Biotech Showcase 2023

CiMaas BV, a biotechnology company developing the next generation of immuno-oncology therapeutics based on its proprietary NK cell expansion platform, announced the date for a presentation of the company at the Biotech Showcase 2023, the investor conference as follows: Monday, January 09, 2023, at 3:00PM at the Hilton San Francisco - Union Square, 333 O'Farrell Street, Ballroom Level San Francisco, CA 94102, USA.

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CiMaas reaches next milestone in NK cell expansion and function

CiMaas successfully expands Natural Killer (NK) cells to clinically relevant numbers using a 2-week protocol. Starting from 200 ml peripheral blood, NK are expanded to numbers meeting the expected clinically required 10.E8 cells/kg, with multiple infusions. This makes the expansion method developed directly applicable for clinical application of the produced NK cells in anti-cancer therapies. 

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CiMaas and Kiadis decided to stop collaborating on the production of Natural Killer Cells

While CiMaas is able to produce the required high numbers of natural killer (NK) cells intended to realise in the collaboration, we decided not to continue. Kiadis has refocused its clinical strategy to a concept of universal donors while CiMaas keeps working on the process of individual donors for each cancer patient where NK cells will be transfused in combination with a bone marrow transplantation.