Upon rigorous analysis, our research has demonstrated that this innovative feeder cell approach results in an enhanced proliferation rate for NK cells compared to the traditional method employing irradiated feeder cells. Remarkably, within a mere week, a 100-fold expansion rate is already achieved, with the potential for ongoing expansion. After 12 days we reach 19 billion cells in a 5L bioreactor.

CiMaas has recently pioneered a groundbreaking method, as detailed in our patent filing, aimed at arresting feeder cell division without resorting to irradiation (refer to August 23 NEWS item). This proprietary technique can be seamlessly executed in-house, ensuring the integrity of biological functions in feeder cells and enabling the streamlined preparation of one-step frozen feeder cell batches.

Furthermore, our technology facilitates the production of billions of NK cells with the highest purity in large-scale batches in a short period of time. We only need a single peripheral blood donation from an adult healty donor. It is imperative to note, for safety considerations, that our product is completely free from T cells – crucial for applications in non-autologous research or clinical settings. Also important, there are no more feeder cells present, already by day 6 of the culture process. These advancements mark a significant leap forward in the field, promising safer and more efficient cellular therapies.