The immune system is very capable in defending against disease-causing pathogens and damaged, infected, or otherwise abnormal cells including cancer cells. Dendritic cells play a crucial role in initiating specific immune responses.

A cancer vaccine that targets tumor antigens based on the patients’ dendritic cells (DC) activates the patient’s own immune system against tumour cells expressing the tumor antigen. To accurately stimulate the patient’s immune system, effective in vitro activation of dendritic cells is crucial. For this CiMaas has discovered a new proprietary method to generate potent DCs (patent granted in 2018, new patent applied for in 2021).

Vaccine technology is based on autologous dendritic cells, which are activated using a proprietary ex vivo maturation process which can be applied as a platform technology for many cancers.

Characteristics of CiMaas dendritic cells:

    • Extremely high IL-12 production for optimal activation of the immune system
    • Strong T-helper type 1 response, favorable for efficient anti-tumor response
    • Combined activation of T-helper cells and stimulation of higher numbers of killer T-cells
    • High production of key chemokines that attract other immune cells
    • Unique NK cell recruitment and stimulation
    • Specific anti-tumor immune response

CiMaas is open for collaborative partnership using our patented technology to develop the DC platform into the clinic.