Our mission is achieving a better cure for cancer. For this, CiMaas develops therapies engaging the immune system for the treatment of a steadily growing population facing cancer that cannot be cured by the current standard of care. A better cure relates to safe technology taking away several of the severe side-effects of current therapies. By doing so, CiMaas will create superior value for patients and share holders.

The problem and our challenge

Current anti-cancer therapies cure about 60% of all patients in the Western world. However, therapeutic options for metastatic disease of solid tumors and late stages of hematological malignancies are still limited and often do not lead to cure. Therefore, cancer is still a leading cause of death in most industrial countries. Immunotherapy is a promising opportunity to further limit the number of people that succumb to cancer in the future. It is our perspective to add valuable years, and good quality, to the lives of people with cancer by making intelligent use of the immune system and with the aim to provide a cure.

Our immune system is extremely capable in protecting us from outside intruders while being tolerant to the body’s own structures. Today, we see cancer as an altered self, thus intruding from the inside. To protect us from such danger, we need a complex system of immune cells and effector molecules, including antibodies, to survive. Currently, several effector cells and molecules of the immune system are registered as anti-cancer treatments, albeit in all cases as individual treatment option (i.e. cells or antibodies). Although these single modality products have considerable antitumor activities, their efficacy is still limited in many patients. Only an integrated use of multiple components of the human immune system is a necessity and a realistic opportunity to fight cancer much more effectively.