Recently 1085 companies were invited to submit a full proposal – based on a first screening – to apply for an EIC accelerator grant. Of them only 42 were granted (3,8%). A seal of excellence was given to 193 (17,8%), including CiMaas. CiMaas received another opportunity to defend its proposal for the EIC council in Mid June 2024.

According to the EU is the EIC Accelerator Seal of Excellence a quality label awarded to project proposals submitted by start-ups and SMEs under Horizon Europe, the EU’s research and innovation funding programme until 2027, to help these proposals find alternative funding. Projects that were judged to deserve funding by independent experts gathered within EIC juries, but did not get it only due to budget limits.

Gerard Bos, CEO CiMaas: “Off course we are disappointed that we did not obtain the grant, but we are part of the 96% of the applicants not getting this grant. Based on great reviews on the full proposal we qualified for the Seal of Excellence, indicating that the work we do with our Natural Killer cells is truly worth the effort and this qualification gives us the energy to continue finding finances to support this important development in order to cure patients with cancer”.  

One of the Important feedback items was the lack of female executives in the management team. We therefore actively invite interested woman to work with us as a business developer and financial director at C level. Please let us know by sending an e-mail to

After updating the proposal and integrating the feedback, CiMaas received another invitation for an interview in Brussels after an excellent score on the written proposal.