Inspired by nature, CiMaas will bring two arms of the immune system together to enhance the killing capacity of the system as a whole: inducing anti-cancer capacity of killer cells and strengthen its response by the use of antibodies. These technologies can be applied to a broad range of cancers.

    • CiMaas has developed a new NK cell expansion technology to provide the capability for the treatment of cancer patients with very high numbers of donor derived Natural Killer cells (“NK cells”) that have a strong potency to kill tumor cells, already proven in several pre-clinical models and is ready to move into clinical translation. Donor NK cells are far more potent and active than the patients’ own NK cells. Also in this concept, CiMaas will combine this technology with targeting antibodies that bring these NK cells to the vicinity of tumor cells ánd provide an even stronger activation. For this, CiMaas will make use of existing antibody therapeutic products to obtain a superior efficacy. Finally, CiMaas is developing the newest cell therapies, by introducing a Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) against tumor specific, underglycosylated molecules in NK cells, generating CAR-NK cells for highest efficacy in solid tumors.
    • The CiMaas tumor target dendritic cell vaccination platform provides extremely potent and patient specific dendritic cells that can effectively prime a specific anti-tumor T cell immune response with tumor cell-killing capacity superior to all other competitor products presently under study. CiMaas is open for collaborative partnership using our patented technology to develop the DC platform into the clinic.