Cellular Immunotherapy in development:

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CIM101: Dendritic cells vaccine (Lung Cancer)

The lead product for CiMaas is a therapeutic dendritic cell vaccine using its proprietary maturation technology. CiMaas will investigate this therapy in a phase I clinical trial (safety) for patients with metastatic lung cancer who are eligible for treatment with a check point inhibitor. Based on favorable safety data, 2 Phase II clinical trials will be continued in NSCLC (CIM101) and in AML (CIM102).

CIM201: Haploidentical adoptive NK cell therapy (Acute Myeloid Leukemia)

CiMaas is developing a haploidentical NK cell product. In addition, CiMaas is generating procedures to optimize the proliferation and potency of NK cells. Currently, we are capable of expanding NK cells 5.000-10.000 fold in 13-14 days using our proprietary technology. The cytotoxicity of these cells is very high, even after a freeze/thaw cycle.  CiMaas started planning a phase I clinical trial using these powerful expanded NK cells for AML (CIM201).