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CiMaas develops immunotherapy for cancer by optimally engaging the immune system.

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CiMaas has created a master cell and working cell bank of its feeder cell line to expand NK cells with maximum proliferation

CiMaas BV announces that it has created a GMP grade master cell bank of the F012 feeder cell line to support Natural Killer (NK) cell expansion isolated from peripheral blood cells. CiMaas had generated a feeder cell line containing two genes that induce NK cell proliferation and maturation resulting in NK cells with a memory phenotype and high killing capacity.

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CiMaas receives a LIOF grant to optimize feeder cells preparation facilitating expansion of Natural Killer cells 

CiMaas’ leading product to fight cancer is Natural Killer (NK) cells. These cells kill tumor cells directly as has been observed in pre-clinical studies, as well as in clinical studies (patients with myeloid leukemia). To obtain a large number of these NK cells to treat patients, so-called feeder cells are needed to stimulate the proliferation and activation of NK cells.