Achieving a better cure for cancer

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CiMaas develops immunotherapy for cancer by optimally engaging the immune system.

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EU grants Seal of Excellence to CiMaas

Recently 1085 companies were invited to submit a full proposal - based on a first screening - to apply for an EIC accelerator grant. Of them only 42 were granted (3,8%). A seal of excellence was given to 193 (17,8%), including CiMaas.

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CiMaas improved large scale NK cell expansion using its newly developed feeder cell technology

Upon rigorous analysis, our research has demonstrated that this innovative feeder cell approach results in an enhanced proliferation rate for NK cells compared to the traditional method employing irradiated feeder cells. Remarkably, within a mere week, a 100-fold expansion rate is already achieved, with the potential for ongoing expansion. After 12 days we reach 19 billion cells in a 5L bioreactor.