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CiMaas develops immunotherapy for cancer by optimally engaging the immune system.

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Combotope Therapeutics and CiMaas Announce Oncology Research and License Option Agreement

Collaboration for the discovery and development of innovative cancer-specific CAR-NK products is underway, leveraging Combotope Therapeutics' proprietary Tumor Glycoform specific scFv discovery platform and CiMaas's Adoptive CAR-NK technology.

  • CiMaas has the option to develop and commercialize up to three therapeutic candidates.
  • Combotope Therapeutics will receive upfront payment, success fees, and royalties on sales.
  • First candidate Mucin-1 tumor glycoform nominated.
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CiMaas has created a master cell and working cell bank of its feeder cell line to expand NK cells with maximum proliferation

CiMaas BV announces that it has created a GMP grade master cell bank of the F012 feeder cell line to support Natural Killer (NK) cell expansion isolated from peripheral blood cells. CiMaas had generated a feeder cell line containing two genes that induce NK cell proliferation and maturation resulting in NK cells with a memory phenotype and high killing capacity.