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CiMaas develops immunotherapy for cancer by optimally engaging the immune system.

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CiMaas and Kiadis decided to stop collaborating on the production of Natural Killer Cells

While CiMaas is able to produce the required high numbers of natural killer (NK) cells intended to realise in the collaboration, we decided not to continue. Kiadis has refocused its clinical strategy to a concept of universal donors while CiMaas keeps working on the process of individual donors for each cancer patient where NK cells will be transfused in combination with a bone marrow transplantation.  

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CiMaas and the INsTRuCT Consortium receive EU subsidy to train young scientists in developing novel cell therapies

Cell therapy is an active area of immunological research and represents a highly innovative and rapidly expanding sector of the pharmaceutical industry. CiMaas is part of the the INsTRuCT Consortium ( which comprises 15 different European companies or universities from 8 Member States, that answers an unmet need for postdoctoral researchers trained in scientifically excellent research and cell therapy development.