Under the agreement, CiMaas will provide CYTEA BIO with the GMP-grade K562-F012 feeder cells for the expansion of its umbilical cord blood-derived NK cells. Conversely, CYTEA BIO will supply CiMaas with Pin™ antibodies for the pre-arming of CiMaas NK cells to assess the benefit it brings and the opportunity to pursue a longer-term partnership.

CYTEA BIO is a Swiss/French biotech company dedicated to developing cell therapeutics using its patented Pin™ platform. This unique approach allows pre-arming Fc-engineered targeting ligands onto genetically unmodified effector cells to orientate and harness a naturally occurring cytotoxicity process. With this platform, an infinite number of products can be envisaged, with ligands and/or effector cells being interchanged. Pre-arming human allogeneic NK cells with Fc-Engineered antibodies (PinTM antibodies) highlighted the power of this strategy, improving the functional and targeted cytotoxicity of the NK cells against various cancer models. CYTEA BIO has initiated a lead development program using pre-armed human allogeneic NK cells with Pin™ anti-EGFR antibody for the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme.

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