By entering into a research collaboration with an option for an exclusive commercial  license for its antibody structures (specific directed against underglycosylated Mucin-1 and potentially other candidates) to CiMaas, the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and CiMaas have strengthened their relation to fight cancer.

Wilfred Germeraad, CSO of CiMaas: “We know how important Mucine-1 is as a target on cancer cells. We will use the antibodies developed by DTU to make optimal CAR-NK cells (see figure) by using the improved antibody structures with more specificity and stronger binding to the tumor cells. This will allow Natural Killer cells to become activated more strongly with higher specificity to exert their killing capacity. We already have proof of concept that such CAR-NK cells can kill more breast cancer cells than non-modified NK cells. By this collaboration we hope we will bring this improved concept as soon as possible to the clinic. 

Klas Ola Blixt, Senior Scientist at DTU: “We are thrilled to partner with CiMaas to co-develop these antibody sequences as CAR-NK cells for even more effective immunotherapy. The antibody sequences are discovered from our patented antibody development platform called iDEAL. This animal-free platform allows for the rapid selection and optimization of tumor-specific antibodies that target underglycosylated proteins expressed on cancer cells. Our iDEAL platform has the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment by providing targeted therapy that is both safe and effective.”

Gerard Bos, CEO of CiMaas: this collaboration and exclusive license gives us the opportunity to make further steps by using our NK cells against cancer. Together with university partners in Maastricht (NL) and Utrecht (NL) we are presently studying the role of Mucin-1 as a target in pre-clinical breast cancer models, as a last step to go the patient.

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