CiMaas BV announces that it has created a GMP grade master cell bank of the F012 feeder cell line to support Natural Killer (NK) cell expansion isolated from peripheral blood cells. CiMaas had generated a feeder cell line containing two genes that induce NK cell proliferation and maturation resulting in NK cells with a memory phenotype and high killing capacity.

The NK-Expand manufacturing process uses the F012 cells to expand peripheral blood derived NK cells to clinically relevant numbers (between 30-40 billion cells) from just 150 ml of peripheral blood. Over the last few weeks CiMaas has created a Master Cell Bank (MCB) followed by an irradiated Working Cell Bank (iWCB) in its own GMP facility making it possible to use these cells during clinical manufacturing of NK cells.

Prof Dr Gerard Bos, CEO of CiMaas is very positive about this development: “Our team has produced a MCB as a first GMP product in our cleanroom manufacturing facility. It shows the company can deliver clinical grade products. The iWCB will be used in the manufacturing of our first clinical NK product being developed for AML patients to be treated with NK cells soon”. 

The cell line is also available for co-development with partners interested in expanding their NK cells but who have no access to feeder cells created under GMP. Irradiated working cell banks can be delivered, depending on the number of clinical NK cell batches to be produced. For further information please mail to