CiMaas has filed a new patent application on a new method for the feeder cell preparation in support of its NK cell therapy program. Treatment with Natural Killer (NK) cells is the CiMaas strategy to potentially cure patients with cancer. CiMaas uses a feeder cell based NK cell expansion protocol to generate high NK cell numbers under GMP. 

In general, a feeder cell line is exposed to high doses of ionizing radiation. By irradiating feeder cells, the cell division of the feeders is suppressed stopping their proliferation and thus preventing the overgrowth of the desired NK cells. CiMaas has invented and filed a patent describing a new method to halt the feeder cell division without irradiation and can perform this easily in house, without compromising the biological function of the feeder cells. This means we can prepare one step – frozen feeder cell batches, at lower costs, to expand NK cells in only 12 days. This product can be obtained for research as well as in clinical grade batches, please contact us at info @ The patent inducing research has been supported by LIOF.