CiMaas has signed an agreement with London-based Cancer Research Technology, the commercial arm of the charity Cancer Research UK, and the University of Copenhagen under which CiMaas will test a proprietary monoclonal antibody in combination with natural killer cells for the treatment of cancer.

CiMaas is developing cellular immunotherapy for various cancer patients, including natural killer cells for adoptive transfer to patients with breast cancer and multiple myeloma. Natural killer cells are able to efficiently kill cancer cells, but this killing can still be enhanced by addition of monoclonal antibodies. The current agreement allows CiMaas to further develop a monoclonal antibody directed against an undisclosed target to enhance the immune response mediated by natural killer cells to tumour tissue.

CiMaas will use additional technology to improve the antibody and test its efficacy in proof of concept experiments. Under the agreement CiMaas receives a one year exclusivity to explore the antibody’s functionality in natural killer cell-related therapies and CRT and the University of Copenhagen receive a signature fee in return.

Prof. Dr. Gerard Bos (CEO, CiMaas) said: “Antibodies are already proven to have clinical effects against various types of cancer. In our laboratory we have observed that addition of antibodies can further enhance the killing capacity of the CiMaas natural killer cell product. The availability of this particular antibody will give us the opportunity to test the combination in our solid tumour therapy development program”.

Dr. Wilfred Germeraad (CSO, CiMaas) and Dr. Yvo Graus (COO, CiMaas), together responsible for the technical development commented: “We have various options to enhance and optimize the quality and functional capacity of this particular monoclonal antibody with the aim to further increase the efficacy of our natural killer cell product for solid tumour indications”.