CiMaas focuses on the development of cellular immunotherapy for the treatment of cancer. One of these therapies is based on healthy donor derived Natural Killer cells to treat cancer patients.CiMaas collaborates with the Division of Hematology in the Department of Internal Medicine of the MUMC+ in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Focus is on the optimal activation of Natural Killer Cells after administration to the patient, to efficiently target and kill tumor cells.
Today, CiMaas received a subsidy of € 29.000 from the Limburg Business Development Fund of the Province of Limburg to support a proof of concept study with an antibody prototype, that enhances Natural Killer cell activation in the vicinity of the tumor cells, further optimizing killing of tumor cells.

Gerard Bos, CEO of CiMaas: “This LBDF subsidy is an important contribution to the proof of concept for this new product concept and allows CiMaas to take the first steps towards future product development”.