CiMaas announced the granting of a European Patent on its Dendritic Cells maturation technology, an essential part of its Dendritic Cell Vaccine Product.

On March 14, The European Patent Office granted patent EP2847321 entitled ” METHOD FOR THE IN VITRO MATURATION OF DENDRITIC CELLS”. The patent claims cover a proprietary maturation and stimulation technology activating DC to stimulate T helper cells, Natural Killer Cells leading to optimal T-killer cell activation against tumor cells.

CiMaas currently develops DC-Xcite and has started preparations to investigate the therapeutic vaccine in a phase I/II clinical trial in lung cancer patients.

The grant of this patent further strengthens CiMaas’ IP position. It provides an important basis to advance its innovative DC vaccine technology and achieving a better cure for cancer in the future” says Gerard Bos, CEO of CiMaas.