CiMaas is successful in expanding Natural Killer cells obtained from a small population in peripheral blood into very high numbers in just 2 weeks. This is directly applicable for clinical application in anti-cancer therapy.

CiMaas is actively working on multiple myeloma and breast cancer, but realises the NK cells can be used for many indications outside its’ own expertise where people are also desperately awaiting new therapies.

As CiMaas believes in collaboration, CiMaas would like to provide these cells to selected university research groups that are interested in studying them in their in vitro cancer research and in vivo tumour models. CiMaas is open for partnerships on NK cell based therapies with industry partners or hospitals for additional cancer indications using NK cells produced under GMP compliancy.

Further information on quality, capacity, available cell numbers and collaborations can be obtained directly from the company. Please email to